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“Pavel Curtis, while a computer scientist at Xerox PARC, created one of the first popular on-line role-playing environments, LambdaMOO [requires Telnet], in 1991.” /artmuseum/ —->Lambda Moo


“A puppet is a MOO object that acts much like a player (saying things, performing actions, etc.) but that is actually owned by and under the control of some other player.”

” There were long periods, indeed, where many petitions reached ballot stage and none of them passed; it seems to me now that the voting population could never agree on anything of real substance. I think that this is the real lesson of LambdaMOO’s experiment with direct democracy.”

” If these online “virtual” communities are to have the same robustness as the more physically oriented ones, they must become pliant and mutable under the same forces that cause RL communities to grow and change. It must be possible for incompatible sub-communities to separate and grow apart, thereby relieving the kinds of stresses that constantly tear at LambdaMOO. It must be possible for individuals to completely control their own creations, without the specter of an all-powerful wizard looming in the background, distorting all natural social interactions.” //written by Pavel Curtis on Wednesday, June 19, 2002//

	   Mudding: Social Phenomena in Text-Based Virtual Realities 

				 Pavel Curtis
				  Xerox PARC


Pavel’s Blog

Pavel’s Puzzles

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Multimedia coordination system

The Jupiter audio/video architecture: secure multimedia in network places


by Steven Shaviro

While sifting my way through the myriads of documents cyberspace among other existhings consists of what renders me interesting is that I start to distinguish certain scribes which stylistic wit I find sympathetic

“A Rape in Cyberspace How an Evil Clown, a Haitian Trickster Spirit, Two Wizards, and a Cast of Dozens Turned a Database Into a Societyis where I started 2day landing me there

Julian Dibbell/wiki

Book-signing in Second Life


State of Play ON VIDEO


Journalist and “Ultima Online” junkie Julian Dibbell issued himself a very public challenge two years ago.

“On April 15, 2004, I will truthfully report to the IRS that my primary source of income is the sale of imaginary goods,” Dibbell wrote on his blog at the time, “and that I earn more from it, on a monthly basis, than I have ever earned as a professional writer.”::::C/net::::


“Play Money” and the ethics of MMORPG cheating

“Over the course of the last 20 years, there has been a radical shift in the economies of information. We’ve moved from a world in which information was plentiful but distributed and difficult to find to a world where information is even more plentiful, but ubiquitous and easy to find. Libraries are suffering now as a result of their inability of unwillingness to change based on the new method of information indexing, exchange, and archival. ” /PR/


“Pattern recognition is the research area that studies the operation and design of systems that recognize patterns in data. Important application areas are image analysis, character recognition, speech analysis, man and machine diagnostics, person identification and industrial inspection.”aaai/PatternRecognition

The International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR)

Gesellschaft zur Förderung angewandter Informatik (GFaI e.V.).

Die Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Mustererkennung

Pattern Recognition Information

The Journal of the Pattern Recognition Society

Chair of Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition aims to classify data (patterns) based on either a priori knowledge or on statistical information extracted from the patterns. The patterns to be classified are usually groups of measurements or observations, defining points in an appropriate multidimensional space. ”


“Der Mechanismus von Antikythera, oft auch Computer von Antikythera genannt, ist ein antikes Artefakt aus Zahnrädern, das einem Uhrwerk ähnelt. Das Gerät ist besonders erstaunlich, weil es ein Differentialgetriebe enthält.

Der Mechanismus stamme aus dem ersten vorchristlichen Jahrhundert und wäre nach ersten Vermutungen auf der Insel Rhodos vom griechischen Astronomen Poseidonios konstruiert worden.”/wiki/

” Als Stais im Mai 1902 seine Erkenntnisse veröffentlichte, stieß er auf empörte Ablehnung. Derart raffinierte Feinmechanik passte nicht ins lieb gewonnene Bild der antiken Geisteswelt: die Griechen als Grübler, die Römer als Tüftler. Sogar seine Forscherkollegen beschimpften Stais als Scharlatan. Man wollte nicht glauben, dass die griechischen Konstrukteure ein Jahrtausend Technikgeschichte übersprungen hatten, und verstieg sich dabei bis in Theorien à la Däniken. »Stammt der Mechanismus von Antikythera aus einer anderen Welt?«, fragte ein ratloser Kommentator der Zeitung Akropolis.” /Die Zeit/

“Anfangs sogar als Fälschung verdächtigt, gilt das uhrwerkähnliche Gebilde mittlerweile als ausgetüftelter Rechner, mit dem sich die Bewegungen der Himmelskörper bestimmen lassen.” „Der Mechanismus ähnelt einem modernen Analogcomputer, der mechanische Teile benutzt, um Berechungen zu speichern“ /Die Zeit/

“Neu sei die Gewissheit, so Edwards, dass die Apparatur einen Zeiger gehabt habe, der die Vorhersage von Mond- und Sonnenfinsternissen ermöglichte. Die Forscher entdeckten sogar ein Differentialgetriebe – eine Erfindung, die bisher dem Universalgenie Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) zugeschrieben wurde – und erst 1832 in England zum Patent angemeldet wurde.” /Geo/


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