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"There is no 'movement' of 'radical
hard SF' writers threatening to 'reinvent science fiction from an eighties
perspective.' It was only hype and everyone can relax.

"However, the joke is on the hoaxsters. Although there is no such thing as an
actual cyperbunk 'ideology,' the term itself has become a viable subgeneric
marketing category. Our sources in publishing assure us that the use of the
term 'cyberbunk' in cover blurbs guarantees a modest, but solid sales increase,
which may well be useful to younger, less established writers."//cheapTruth

"While some see cyberpunk to be a long-since dead relic of the 80s,
I consider it to be alive and well...Its meanings vary"//CyberpunkReview

"Cyberpunk literature, in general, deals with marginalized people in
technologically advanced hierarchical societies. In cyberpunk milieux,
there are usually powerful elites, be they oppressive governments,
paternalistic multinational corporations or fundamentalist religions,
who dominate the lives of the mass population. These regimes are aided
and distorted by artificial intelligence, electronic media and
information technology, resulting in an unusually subdued and
compliant citizenry. Often this technological reliance extends to the
very bodies of citizens themselves, via brain implants, prosthetic
limbs, cloned or genetically engineered organs, etc. In this way human
beings literally become part of ‘The Machine’. This is the 'cyber'
aspect of cyberpunk.


However, as in any society, there are those either unable or unwilling
to conform to cultural norms. Living out on the edge at the margins of
an alienating system, are the criminals, outcasts, visionaries,
dissenters and misfits. Cyberpunk literature focuses on these people,
and often on how they turn the system's technological tools to their
own ends. This is the 'punk' aspect of cyberpunk."//Iain//solcrux


If I don’t look out at the world
it can be whatever I want it to
 Welcome to The Future.
The Future is Dark. 
 In the Sprawl, you look out for your own. In times of emergency, people watch out for one another.


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