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At Zen, we have a philosophy of continuous improvement.


more open to the changes that are happening


Submit Your Top Web Hacking Techniques for 2008//GNUcitizen


“Der geht endlich in seine fünfte Runde. Dieses Jahr starten 12 Stories Rund um das Thema: Urban Life / Leben in der Stadt.”//CPC


MagCloud enables you to publish your own magazines. All you have to do is upload a PDF and we’ll take care of the rest: printing, mailing, subscription management, and more.”


“Tim Devin, a conceptual artist based in Boston is producing one of the most striking magazines in the world… About once a month, a new issue is printed of just fifty copies, and, thanks to a network of volunteers, is distributed in 25 cities across the USA and Canada. These copies are left in public spaces; you might find one on a park bench or on a bus seat. Those who find them can take and enjoy the exclusive pleasure of reading them.”//



“According to Aristotle, the hierarchy of human purposes aim at eudaimonia as the highest, most inclusive end. This is the end to which everyone in fact aims. Further, it is the only end towards which it is worth undertaking a means. Eudaimonia is constituted, according to Aristotle, not by honor, or wealth, or power, but by rational activity in accordance with virtù over a complete life. Such activity manifests the virtues of character, including, honesty, pride, friendliness, and wittiness; the intellectual virtues, such as rationality in judgment; and non-sacrificial (i.e. mutually beneficial) friendships and scientific knowledge (knowledge of things that are fundamental and/or unchanging is the best).”//wiki::eudaimonia



Optimism is the cure




  1. not enough

  2. “What fucking optimism? Do you see people dancing on the fucking streets? Do you see people sucking dick and eating pussy on the subway? Do you see people having sex on the fucking bus or an a fuvking airplane? Do you see people having anal sex in the park? Hsa? Take a look around before you start talking shit about being optimistic?”

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