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“Pavel Curtis, while a computer scientist at Xerox PARC, created one of the first popular on-line role-playing environments, LambdaMOO [requires Telnet], in 1991.” /artmuseum/ —->Lambda Moo


“A puppet is a MOO object that acts much like a player (saying things, performing actions, etc.) but that is actually owned by and under the control of some other player.”

” There were long periods, indeed, where many petitions reached ballot stage and none of them passed; it seems to me now that the voting population could never agree on anything of real substance. I think that this is the real lesson of LambdaMOO’s experiment with direct democracy.”

” If these online “virtual” communities are to have the same robustness as the more physically oriented ones, they must become pliant and mutable under the same forces that cause RL communities to grow and change. It must be possible for incompatible sub-communities to separate and grow apart, thereby relieving the kinds of stresses that constantly tear at LambdaMOO. It must be possible for individuals to completely control their own creations, without the specter of an all-powerful wizard looming in the background, distorting all natural social interactions.” //written by Pavel Curtis on Wednesday, June 19, 2002//

	   Mudding: Social Phenomena in Text-Based Virtual Realities 

				 Pavel Curtis
				  Xerox PARC


Pavel’s Blog

Pavel’s Puzzles

List of publications

Multimedia coordination system

The Jupiter audio/video architecture: secure multimedia in network places


by Steven Shaviro


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